Inno-Real – Hauke Laging

Konzepte für Produkt- und Dienstleistungsinnovationen

für Start-ups, etablierte Unternehmen und Investoren

English information

Currently there is no English version of the complete web site available. Thus we offer a summary of the content here.

What we do

We are a small, young company which develops innovative ideas and concepts for new products and services in many areas (with focus on IT).

What kind of innovation?

We do not develop completely new technological approaches but use established or slightly modified technology in order to create new kinds of customer value. Our concepts are market driven not research driven.

How we utilise our ideas and concepts

We do not found start-ups or realize our ideas ourselves (with few exceptions) but look for suitable partners. We try to find companies which are active in the respective business. We present and discuss our ideas under an NDA and in case of interest we grant a "licence" or sell the idea completely.

What kind of companies

We cooperate with very different companies from the 5-members of staff ISP up to the huge mobile radio group. Most of our partners are medium-sized German companies .

What kind of partners we look for

We are interested in contacts to both enterprises and private people:

  1. Enterprises which are suitable for realizing the projects we are working on

  2. Enterprises which are generally interested in innovative projects. If we know an enterprise with a suitable corporate culture and good contact persons we will ask this one first when we have developed an idea for their business.

  3. Private people who are interested in investing into our projects (and have good contacts to the industry at best). Such people can tell us what business areas, kinds of innovation and amounts of investment they are interested in. When we have developed something suitable we will present the project to them.

  4. Rather customers than partners: We offer consulting services to companies which want to improve their innovation management. And we offer support for the realization of innovative projects.